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Top 10 Facts and misconceptions about Audio

1. Exotic cables, interconnects, or power cords don’t make your system sound better at all. Passive bi-amp and bi-wiring are utter nonsense.

2. It is unlikely that expensive CD players or DACs improve sound quality. Many of the claims these manufacturers make do not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

3. Under normal optimal conditions, virtually all audio amplifiers (and receivers in Direct Mode) sound the same. They do not have their own sonic signature that must be carefully paired with speakers. “Audio Synergy” is preposterous.

4. “Burn in” factor—the idea that speakers or electronics sound better after so many hours of use—is likely a delusion. It’s a psychological effect.

5. Expensive vacuum tube electronics may add character to your system like distortion, but if clarity (less distortion) and reliability is what you’re after, stick with transistors.

6. With specific exceptions, high-quality digital formats are sonically superior to vinyl in every measurable way.

7. Audiophile higher bit audio formats are not likely to offer audible improvements over compact disc 16 bit/44.1 kHz quality.

8. More amp power is not always better. If amp clipping occurs, having too much power can damage your speakers. If amp clipping occurs, having too little power actually has less chance of damaging your speakers than having too much power. The key is using the appropriate recommended power based on your speakers.

9. Adding more speakers to a system will give you more awesome sound...WRONG!!! -adding more speakers to a system then originally design will cause comb filtering and may damage the system.

10. Be seary of audio stores (mostly karaoke stores) who advertise no-name brand 3000-4000 WATT audio speaker systems. That number may or may not be the "maximum" output but most of the time, its only using very small fraction of that (when it works).



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