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MP3 Players and iPods

Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) - Black - Current Version


MP3 Players vs. iPods

Music lovers worldwide have embraced these little electronic devices that can hold hundreds and even thousounds of songs and videos. But why do some people prefer one over the other? What are the differences or advantages of a MP3 player vs. an iPod?

If you look for an MP3 player, there are at least a dozen manufacturers and tons of choices. If you look for an iPod, you get Apple. What is an iPod? An iPod is essentially an MP3 player that is only marketed by Apple. Over 220 million units have been sold since its launch in October 2001. Apple did not invent the mp3 player nor did they invent the touch screen, they just created a menu driven music system use it with the touch screen technology and called it the iPod.

Nowadays, you can also find smiliar menu systems on other MP3 Players as well. Some offer touch screen and some with buttons and dials. All MP3 players offer storage capacities ranging form 1MB to 20MB+ and can hold more songs then you can listen to in a given week. So what really differentiates a generic MP3 player from an iPod?


Differences between MP3 players and iPod

1. iPod are MP3 players marketed only by Apple with a patented scroll and click wheel.
2. iPods are proprietary. you have to use Apple's signature music player software iTunes download music and applications to iPod.
3. with iPods, you cannot transfer music from one iPod to the next without going through Apple.
4. with iPods, you cannot rip or convert your own mp3 music.
5. iPods storage capacity can be up to 160 gigabytes.
6. iPods can be loaded with applications and games through the iTunes program
7. Regular MP3 players can be marketed by over a dozens of manufacturers
8. MP3 players are sold at a fraction of the price of an iPod
9. You can rip your own MP3 songs and upload to any MP3 players without the consent of any manufacturers
10. You do not need special software to copy mp3 songs to a regular MP3 player
11. You can download MP3 songs to multiple MP3 players without anyone's permission



Apple iPod touch 32GB (4th Generation) - Black - Current Version

Apple iPod touch 32 GB 4th Generation (White)



MP3 Players

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Indigo)

Sansa Fuze 16 GB MP3 Player - Black



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